About the Campaign

Initiated by ODTÜ Development Foundation, the "You Plant A Tree, We Build a Forest" Campaign aims to sustain and improve the ODTÜ Forest cultivated by nature-lovers in the Central Anatolian steppe through forestation projects ever since 1958.

With a social responsibility perspective in view, ODTÜ Development Foundation supports Middle East Technical University in its education, research, community service, cultural, social and sports endeavors as a renowned world class university.

As part of its 30th anniversary activities, the foundation has launched the “You Plant A Tree, We Build a Forest” campaign to rehabilitate ruined forest areas in ODTÜ 1 and ODTÜ 3 forests (around Ahlatlıbel and Lake Eymir), and to cultuvate forest areas with no trees (FA) and eroding forest areas with no trees (FA–E) to meet the ecologial and social functions and goals mentioned in the ODTÜ functional forest management plan.

The campaign was launched with the Approval of the Governor of Ankara dated 17.12.2013, and will use funds raised throughout Turkey to:

Rehabilitate and recultivate 256 hectares of ruined forest areas,

Cultivate 100 hectares of unforested (FA ve FA-E) land,

Contribute to the development and preservation of forest ecology,

Prevent erosion and preserve land,

Improve air quality,

Help prevent noise pollution,

Improve Lake Eymir and its surrounds aesthetically,

Contribute to the aesthetics of roads, and

Extend nature walk areas.

We need your support to improve the ODTU Forest which creates an ecosystem for the disappearing flora and fauna of Central Anatolia, and offers a safe home to species such as the wolf, fox, grouse, rabbit, snakes and tortoise, as well as more than 140 bird, fish, mammal and reptile species.

We invite all friends of ODTÜ to help us preserve our forest which is one of the largest urban manmade ecosystems in Turkey and the world.